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Bangalore on Terror Radar by theSilverBullet
December 28, 2005, 7:58 pm
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When I read the news that Delhi police had foiled plot of terrorists to strike software parks in bangalore, I remembered what Thomas Friedman wrote in the bestseller book “The World is Flat”. Quote from the chapter “11/9 versus 9/11”:

A south asian muslim friend of mine once told me this story: His Indian Muslim family split in 1948, with half going to Pakistan and half staying in Mumbai. When he got older, he asked his father one day why the Indian half of the family seemed to be doing better than the Pakistani half. His father said to him, “Son, when a Muslim grows up in India and he sees a man living in a big mansion high on a hill, he says, ‘Father, one day, I will be the man.’. And when a Muslim grows up in Pakistan and sees a man living in a big mansion high on a hill, he says, ‘Father, one day I will kill that man.'” When you have a pathway to be the Man or the Woman, you tend to focus on the path and on achieving your dreams. When you have no pathway, you tend to focus on your wrath and on nursing your memories.

I agree (hopefully), that not all are this way, but I hear a large number of people support such a view.

I only wish our long lost brothers across the border grab the oppurtunities of the global market rather than be brainwashed by the so called crazy “true islamists”.

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