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Harish Bijoor on Bangalore’s renaming. by theSilverBullet
January 12, 2006, 11:01 pm
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Harish Bijoor wrote this for India Today’s Simply Bangalore* supplement:

Bangalore! Bengaluru!
What’s in a name? Plenty! Shakespearu was wrong!
For a start, the name is a brand. The brand is a name. And the name is a very important starting point in the voyage of discovery of a brand.

Bangalore is a thought. A thought that is just about in the midst of a debate that seeks to re-christen the city to a name that aspires for the vernacularisation of an anglicized Bangalore to a Kannada-ised Bengaluru!

There are really two Bangalore’s. One is what I will call “Real Bangalore” and the other “Virtual Bangalore”. Real Bangalore is really excited about the name change proposal from the 1st of November 2006.

Marie Antoinette would be a very happy woman today. It they don’t have bread, let them eat cake.

The name change debate is an excellent opiate for the masses of Bangalore. Let’s discuss, let’s debate. Let’s forget all our other woes for the moment. If our bodies can’t be satisfied, let at least our minds be.
Personally speaking, I welcome the name change. Bengaluru is the city I was born in. Bengaluru is the city that I grew up in. Bengaluru is the city I want to be in.

I would of course be very, very happy if, along with the name change you gave me better roads, better safety for my friends who work within BPO outfits and make Bangalore roads a 24X7 affair with no closing time, a planned city where my friends in the low lying areas don’t have to drown and use a boat to work, a better system of traffic management that does not have my clients from Germany and France stranded on Airport Road for two hours at a stretch, cursing the city in native German or exciting French!

(excerpts, all emphasis mine)

I’m as much a part of the “old” Bangalore as the newer one. And Harish’s arguments are perhaps the best articulated ones I have seen on the Bangalore becoming Bengaluru.

One reason I did not post much on the renaming saga is precisely because (as Harish says) the debate would suit this State government better, as it will deflect attention from their lack of administration.

*India Today does not allow a search or even a link-to on its online edition for non-subscribers(even though I PAY to get the mag). The excerpts were obtained thanks to Harish Bijoor.


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as a kannadiga who lives in delhi yet longs for back home, the name change does make me feel as if it’ll transform to the bengaluru of the old times.
but exactly like harish’s got to say if the name change can herald improvement in infrastructure and development i’ll be the happiest kannadiga in delhi

Comment by C.K.


glad to hear other people expressing similar opinions.

Comment by BangaloreGuy

I wasnt born in Bangalore and neither was I brought up there but I lived there for 4 years and I found lots of things that I absolutely love about the city.. the peopl for instance, the energy, the culture and the reverence that people have for indian culture and ethics.

I really dont care about the name change…. I will always call it Bangalore anyway!!

Comment by Aneet


I guess, the name change isnt on – the new CM doesnt like Dr. Anantha Murthy all that much!

Comment by sukhi

Why change Bangalore to Bangaluru. Why por man? I want my old Bangalore where i can throw my garbage in the streets like the good old days, where i could piss, shit and spit anywhere i want?. Very soon the Bangaluru police will make all of us use the toilet paper and antibacterial soap when i like to use my hand . Very soon they will tell us to eat with fork and spoon also. I dont like this !

Comment by dada

Whether Bangalore or Bangaluru, it must treat all areas as one. Be it Yelahanka, Kengeri, Bannerghatta Road, Whitefield or whatever it is. Also, I think that initially the name change would sound strange, but later on, we get used to it. You know, now I call Mumbai and not Bombay, while all my relatives and friends call by the old name still? If people in Mumbai start calling Bangaluru, people in Chennai start calling Bangaluru, people in London, New York, everywhere start calling Bangaluru, then I will also get used to it.

Comment by Vijay

Belive me, the so called “kannada fanatics” who are behind the name change-REALLY DONT CARE IF THE CITY IS CALLED BENGALURU!. what is happening is very sinister, to say the least. These entities are flexing their muscles to be the mafia in Karnataka. Just like the Italians did in USA and the shiv sena in Mumbai and the vhp all across India. This must be nipped in the bud and federal laws be ratified with life time jail terms for any one or orgaization that violates the laws of OUR DEMOCRATIC PLURALISTIC SOCIETY. IF NOT THIS NATION WILL DISINTEGRATE LIKE AFRICA -MUCH TO THE DELIGHT OF THE PAKISTANIS AND THE CHINESE!!!.

Comment by rama

Whew! Raama, or Ramaa? you’ve got quite a bit of anger there going, mate!

Comment by Sukhi

Sukhi, the truth buddy, the truth shall set you free!.

Comment by Rama

The only attraction to foreign investors is that Bangalore is a very cosmopolitan city where everyone speaks English. Its wonderful climate and a certain British touch sets Bangalore apart from the other Indian cities.That said, i am very sad to see this wonderful city being ruined with stray animals, garbage, erratic and filthy drinking water, power cuts.people rioting because their actor died of natural causes!, relieving themselves in public and spitting.Well, maybe they should call it bengaluru after all, if filth and retarded behavior is a qualifier!!.

Comment by shankar

favorited this one, dude

Comment by friedrarbaliz

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